09-03-09 - Red Vs Sonic

17:19 by J-Flash

After buying a copy of sonic the hedgehog for the xbox 360 i figured that a speedster like red would love a challenge and who better...

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08-03-09 - Who watches the watchmen?? We Did!

17:08 by J-Flash

Well before i explain about the image it must be said....these are a little behind but i will get them caught up soon enough...bare with me


Simple really, Myself, Sam Eastwood (aka Dark Phantom) and Jed Backhouse (In-D) took a trip to manchester imax to see the Watchmen

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Lets start a new adventure......

17:01 by J-Flash

hi guys and gals, welcome to What happened to red? if you have somehow stumbled on to this a big well done!(not that i hid it...that would just be stupid...) neways on to buisness, this blog is a record of my day to day life...with a twist shall we say. Im currently a student at huddersfield university studying Multimedia design and over the coming months i will be posting a drawing every day or so showing what I got up to or at least something i did that day but as i said, with a twist. Using my character "Red" i will give an idea of something that happened to myself. if you dont get it now am sure you will when you into the sketches. these are usually done pretty quick tho every week i will be choosing one to redraw in a more professional way shall we say. so yeah enjoy and i hope you keep up with the general goings on of "Red". Ciao For NOW!

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