10-03-09 - Red Warped Time!

14:05 by J-Flash

A few weeks after buying braid for my xbox 360 (and many frustrating hours ,i might add!) i finally managed to finish the game. If any of you are not familiar with braid it is as follows. You play Tim. Tim is searching for a princess. across 6 worlds, much like the retro styling of super Mario bros (and even with a slight parody to it after the 1st world " sorry our princess is in another castle" made me giggle quite a bit.) But the twist is time is both with you and against you. die and you just rewind time. simple.....not really. it does get complex. Any xbox 360 owners with a live membership, definitely recommend...right and now after that review 2days picture.

it must be said its quite difficult to draw things moving in slow motion as i discovered.

(Image coming soon!!)

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